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Learning from the land 

To remind us that reading and writing are just one way of knowing, we invite you to come out to the garden and learn with the rest of your senses and self! Come on your own and wander, download one of our activity curricula (adaptable for kindergarten through university-age), or book a class or group visit below. 

Current Curricula
  • The Soil – using the metaphor of soil health as the foundation to a healthy garden environment, students will learn about the biology of healthy soil, global Indigenous concepts of reciprocity between humans and nature, and consider how their own histories and identities require routine rebalancing for healthy social ecology. PDF download free below. Print zines available for a small fee.
Curricula in Progress 
  • Plants as Medicine – drawing from multicultural examples of historical uses of plants as medicine, and using physical examples of plants in the garden, students will learn about plant identification and foraging and how foraging in the U.S. has been tied to both self-sustainability among Black and Indigenous groups, and political manipulation through destruction of relationships to land.  
  • Global Indigeneity – In the United States, we often limit our understandings of indigeneity to groups native to North America. Drawing from global examples, we discuss what Indigenous understanding of and care for a landscape looks like, from tending the landscape, to storytelling and community care.
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