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Community Cookbook 

Stories about the ways food links us to people, places and identities while we navigate life in Bloomington, Indiana. 


Recipes from
October 2021
Food as Medicine Meal

Food as Medicine Meals
Food and the Body

Food stories 

Food, memory, and knowing 

These stories come from students in  ANTH E402/602 Food and the Body course, where we spent the semester learning about the roots of food inequity in the U.S. At the core of our discussions was the idea that we absorb information about who we are, what we are taught to value, and ways of being in the world through the sensory acts of eating and cooking. Students were asked to write a story reflecting on one of their own food memories, thinking critically about how this experience shaped them. 


Meet The Team


Beatriz Lima Ribeiro 

Digital Media Lead, Author 

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Daniel Fobi

Digital Media Support



Tamara Brown 

Digital Media Support, Author 

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