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Garden-related events
(Fall 2022) 

We are a small team, always looking for additional help. The best way to get started is to show up and talk to us in person!!! Hope to see you around!

Volunteer days

stay tuned for additional days 

August 27th 5-7 pm

Sept 3 8:30-12 pm  

Sept 10th 5-7 pm 

Please note the change to the following volunteer times:

Oct 2nd 11-1pm (SKILLSHARE:

herb bundle- making)

Oct 9th 11-1

(ART: painting garden beds)

Oct 23rd 11-1

(TENDING: preparing fall plant beds)

Nov 6th 11-1

(TENDING: Preparing hoop house for winter crops)

Nov 12th 11-1 (SATURDAY)

(SKILLSHARE/ART: Preparing garden for rest/creating offerings of gratitude) 

The garden will be at rest following Thanksgiving break, and will reopen in March. Reach out to if you would like to be involved in winter seed library activities. 

Other Events 

Sept 17th - Catch us in switchyard park at the Fiesta del Otoño (10-1 pm) 

Oct 10th - Dr. Alcantara will be screening her film "Comida Como Resistencia" (4-7 pm) 

Embodied Learning Workshop series 

How do we create  spaces of learning that empower us to tap into the multiple ways of knowing the world inherent to our bodies? Centering experiences of multicultural, immigrant, and diasporic being, these workshops align with the seasons to learn about each others' knowledge of the world.  

Sept 22nd - Fall solstice, 5-7 pm. This workshop will focus on seed and herb collecting, preparing for the dark of winter, and exploring rituals of rest. 

Nov. 8th - Full moon, 5-7 pm. Preparing cozy foods for winter (pickling, freezing, fermenting) attendees will talk about cultural practices of winter retreat. 

These workshops are supported with funding from The Bloomington Symposia, and follow discussions developed during the 2022 Spring "Migrations" symposium. 

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